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Traditional festivities in Tossa de Mar 2008

1st of January
New Year's Day concert - orchestra: La Principal de la Bisbal
The orchestra La Principal de la Bisbal is known far beyond the borders of Catalonia for the interpretation of his opera arias, his romances de sarsuela and the interpretation of the best works of the Catalan music.
The orchestra starts his annual concerts with the New Year's Day concert in Tossa de Mar which is organized by the Agrupació Sardanista Tossenca.
A part of the concert performances the local choir Coral Tossenca to whom you can listen by several events in Tossa, so after the Midnight Christmas Mess on the 24th of December.
5th of January
In the evening of each 5th of January the Three Holy Kings enter in a festive parade in Tossa and distribute sweets to the children at the roadside. The parade ends on the square in front of the church where the children present their "Christmas-letters" to the Kings.
20th and 21st of January
In the morning of each 20th of January the pilgrim of Tossa with "his followers" parts to the chapel of Santa Coloma de Farners The following day the pilgrims walk back to the Old Town of Tossa where a big crowd awaits their arrival. The tradition of el Pelegrí goes about 600 years back in history.
22th - 27th of January
Annual winter fest, the Festa Major in honour of Sant Vicenç, the patron of the current parish church. During these days Sardanes, concerts and dances take place, but also children will enjoy themselves. Fishermen can participate in the fishing contest "Sant Vicenç" at the Mediterranean coast.
23rd of January
At 12 o'clock a mass in honour of Sant Ramón de Penyafort Sant Ramón de Penyafort on the beach of the Mar Menuda Beach Mar Menuda.
31st of January
The beginning of the carnival in 2008 in Tossa de Mar
1st of February
13th Contest of carnival disguises at the working place
2nd of February
18th Contest of the fancy dress cycling through Tossa who begins at the passatge Peixeteries and ends about two hours later at the Bar Josep.
Fancy dress party for children in the afternoon and in the evening Ball de la Dona, dance for women
3rd of February
Big carnival parade in the streets of Tossa
6th of February
The last carnival parade which ends with the burial of the sardine. Free hot chocolate for everyone after the burial.
In 2009 the burial of the sardine (Enterrament de la Sardina The carnival ends with the incineration of the Sardine what it is called in Catalan The Catalan language) takes place on the 25th of February.
Corpus Christi
The whole April
Campaign "La Cocina del Mar", Mediterranean seafood in which approximately 100 restaurants of Tossa participate
23rd of April
The day of Saint George (Sant Jordi) with the item "A rose for love, a book forever" with its main center of attraction at the Plaça d'Espanya and its book market. A Sardana also takes place during this day.
15th - 30th of April
Cultural days of Tossa de Mar
1st of May
Feast of the Holy Cross with a competition of flower crosses which children hold in their hands during a procession. A Sardana takes also place.
4th of May
Pilgrimage to the chapel and hermitage Mare de Déu de Gràcia Mare de Déu de Gràcia. A get-together in a pleasant company and picnic on the place in front of the current ruin.
22nd of May
Big procession Corpus Christi which goes about one kilometre over a flower carpet which is made by the inhabitants of Tossa only for this day.
31st of May
Concert of Habaneres Habaneras Concert at the Platja Gran Big Beach Playa Grande. With "Cremat", a mixed drinks based on rum, coffee, lemon peel and sugar.
1st of June
Each first Sunday in June Tossa organises the Día del Pescador, the fishermen's day with a Sardinada in the morning, on the beach of Tossa.
8th of June
Day dedicated to the older population of Tossa, with Sardana and dance
28th of June - 1st of July
Annual summer fest Festa Major in honour of Sant Pere, the saint protector of fishermen. This day Sardanes, concerts and dances invite inhabitants and summer guests. There are also events for children planned. The highlight is a firework in the evening.
From January to JuneThe festivities of Tossas from January to June, 2008
From July to DecemberThe festivities of Tossa from July to December, 2008