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Botanical Excursion in Tossa de Mar

Impression de TossaThis training course of four hours is addressed to any person who would like to know more about the relation between plants and their environment, about their growth and about the germination of seed but who want also to know how to recognize plants.
We chose several places to make you familiar to the life of plants. You will discover how they choose their environment and why they do avoid certain places. So you will understand their natural needs. Obviously, you can adapt this knowledge, acquired in the surroundings of Tossa de Mar, at home and in your garden and you will be able to show a new approach to nature to your children.
Our walk in the shade of trees starts in Tossa de Mar and ends there. You will not go more than two to five kilometres, according to the season. The walk with a pause of 30 minutes and innumerable explanations takes only three to four hours of your holidays.
To enjoy these few hours with us, you do not need anything other but a pair of convenient shoes and to keep your eyes and ears open
Fees par person: 6 Euros
Fees for guidance of groups on request.
Phone: (0034) 677 103 925
If you have additional questions you can contact us by e-mail.