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Learn Languages in Tossa de Mar

Impression de TossaFrom September 2007 visitors of Tossa de Mar can access our language courses for beginners. We will also establish a course online which is meant to all those who work already or who want to work in restaurants or hotels in Spain.
Our strength lies in online teaching where individual lessons are possible at every time of day and night. To know more about this subject, consult our pages at
The personal linguistic courses in Tossa de Mar are directed to beginner who wish an introduction to the Spanish or Catalan language during their stay, and who want to say a little bit more than only "hola". For those who also want to know how to ask the way and how to order dinner. You should not hope that the waiter of the restaurant speaks all the languages of his guests. And, finally, isn't it more courteous speaking some words and sentences in the national language? In return, the inhabitants will be more open to you and you will have more pleasure during your stay.
To follow our language courses you do not need preliminary knowledge of the language and do not expect to learn the traditional languages, but the really spoken language.
If you have additional questions to the program, do not hesitate to contact us.
Visit on this subject also our pages at