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Webmastering in Tossa de Mar

Impression de TossaThe half of those who own a computer are able to create a page Internet, at worst using a freeware or one of the paid programs. These pages are often pleasant to look at and parents or friends congratulate the creator for his work. Unfortunately are these pages never more than amateur work.
But until today only a professional Webmaster is able to deliver professional pages. In Tossa we do not only have sun and sea at our disposal, we are also able to deliver dynamic pages in xml, php, flash etc. Our strength is not only professionalism in programming, we also speak about the economic impact, how to refine the texts for search engine optimization, about the rules of typography and we know that you do not only want to present on Internet but that you want to earn money with your web pages. We do not create your presence on Internet but we create your personality on Internet.
It is completely normal to us that your pages have a proper e-mail system, that the requests are treated automatically by a script and that the management of your mailing-list can be accessed wherever where in the world you are.
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